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Roxul Insulation

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Roxul Insulation

In case of a fire, we understand that you want your documents, money, jewelry, and other valuables to be safe. This is why we distribute Roxul Safes throughout the GTA using our reliable freight brokers in Toronto. We have an impressive and comprehensive lineup of Roxul Safes for you to choose from (ROXUL SAFETM 45, 55, and 65).

Roxul Safes are popular because they are non-combustible (they can withstand up to 2150°F), water-repellent, and lightweight. The semi-rigid stone wool safes also have acoustical insulation properties. They can be used for through-wall penetration, in floor assemblies, and in interior top-of-wall setups.

The stone wool used to make this safe does not support the growth of mildew or fungi, which is a common problem with most safes. The safes we supply have different fire resistance ratings, with the least being 1 hour and the most being 2 hours. If safety, fire-resistance, and water-resistance are what you are looking for, this is the safe for you. As the company’s slogan goes, “It’s more than safe. It’s ROXUL SAFE.”