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Safe’n’Sound Insulation

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Safe’n’Sound insulation

SAFE‘n’SOUND® is soundproof insulation made of stone wool. It is used to insulate interior wall partitions where steel and wood studs are used. Their primary use is to provide acoustic performance/soundproofing and fire resistance, two of the most desirable qualities in a wall.

SAFE‘n’SOUND® material is non-combustible (with a melting point of about 1177°C) and lightweight. It is dimensionally stable, meaning it perfect for friction fit for floor, ceiling, and wall applications. The chemical inertness of the material makes it corrosion resistant. Other desirable qualities in SAFE‘n’SOUND® are that it is easy to cut (cutting around wires, pipes, and outlets is like cutting bread) and it does not support mildew or fungi growth due to its moisture and water resistance.

Safe ‘n’ Sound is manufactured by Rockwool. We sell it in bags. At BBS, our team will guide you on the exact quantity you need to purchase given the scope of your construction project.