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Security Mesh


Fire Rated Drywall

Security Mesh

We sell security mesh sheets from top North American manufacturers. Security mesh sheets or panels are placed behind drywall to prevent penetration. They are a security feature that provides either medium or maximum security, depending on the type of mesh panel, where they are installed, and how they are installed.

Security mesh is made through the simultaneous slit and stretch of a solid steel sheet to get a continuous sheet that cannot unravel. The sheet is attached to wood or metal studs in walls, ceilings, or floors using clips. We have security mesh made of galvanized or stainless steel and carbon in our stock.

We have stock sizes that can be formed for all wall heights and configurations. Although security meshes are mostly used for banks, hospitals, police stations, courts and other government buildings, panic rooms, and retail stores, they can also be used in residential homes for added security.

The security levels available at our stores are ASM .75-9F (Maximum), ASM 1.5-9F and ASM .75-13F (Medium), and ASM 1.5-13F (Minimum).