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Fire Rated Drywall


Snips are an integral part of any drywall or general construction project. A snip, which is also called a shear, is a hand tool that is used to cut sheet metal as well as other tough webs. Snips are broadly categorized into tinner’s/tin snips, which are similar to scissors (but with short blades, long handles, and bevelled edges) and compound-action snips, which utilize a compound leverage handle system for increased mechanical advantage.

At BBS, we are authorized distributors of both tinner’s snips and compound-action snips for top manufacturers in the GTA. The tin snips we sell are made of drop forged carbon steel and feature extra-wide jaws. They are rated to cut between 16- and 24-gauge cold rolled low-carbon tin, depending on the size of the blade.

We sell both left- and right-cutting compound-action snips. These snips were originally used in the aviation sector to cut aluminum. They can cut up to 18 gauge aluminum, up to 26 gauge stainless steel, and up to 24 gauge mild steel. These snips are available in different configurations.