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Stone Veneer


Stone Veneer

Stone veneers are thin slices carved from natural or manufactured stone. Most of them are one inch thick and weigh approximately 15 pounds. Most veneers are decorative and are used to replace the traditional look of the natural stone. Once the thin slices are carved out, they are fabricated using concrete mix to form different styles. They are then painted or colored to make them resemble the real stone.

Some of the benefits of stone veneers over natural stone include:

  • They are lightweight and thus easy to transport. The lightweight also makes them easier to handle during construction. They are easy to cut, set and trim.
  • Stone veneers are fast to install. This ensures that the installation cost is minimal.
  • They are durable
  • With stone veneers your building will look more unique. They can be used both in the interior and exterior to give to give the walls an outstanding appearance.
  • They protect the structure of you home from adverse weather conditions.
  • Stone veneers improve the beauty of your home. They come with wonderful designs and there’s a variety of colors and shades to choose from. Natural stone veneers add natural beauty to your home.
  • Manufactured stone veneers look like the natural stone and are abundantly available due to mass production. The mass production lowers the cost making them a more cost effective option compared to the natural stone. Since they do not depend on the natural supplies, they do not deplete the environment and thus are classified as green products.