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Styrofoam Insulation Supplies

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Styrofoam Insulation Supplies

Styrofoam is a trademarked term that refers to polystyrene foam, which is a petroleum-based plastic. Styrofoam is lightweight, an excellent shock absorber, and an effective insulator. It’s the most commonly used plastic in the manufacture of insulating materials. Styrofoam mainly consists of air. Its internal structure contains trapped air bubbles that restrict heat flow. Since Styrofoam mainly consists of air, it is a poor conductor of heat but an exceptional convector. Due to its low conduction and convection properties, Styrofoam is an excellent insulator.

Styrofoam as an Insulation

For many years, Styrofoam has been used as an insulator, mainly in commercial buildings, because it has a high R-value. This insulation material can deter water absorption. After installation, Styrofoam acts as a reliable waterproofing agent. This insulation can serve as a secondary barrier, helping to prevent groundwater leakage. By reducing condensation and adding the thermal mass of a building, Styrofoam prevents foundation cracking. The insulation material is available in different sizes to suit different clients’ needs.

Conductors such as metal are poor insulators because they allow energy to flow through them. Styrofoam is a poor conductor, thus its excellent insulation properties. Once placed in wall cavities, Styrofoam helps to keep the inside of a building warm. It helps keep heat in a building since it traps air and reduces heat transfer. 

Major Applications of Styrofoam Insulation

Because Styrofoam is around 98% air, it traps air in its small pockets. Styrofoam prevents heat transfer perfectly because air is a bad conductor. Below are the major applications of Styrofoam:

  • Wall and basement insulation
  • Roof and floor insulation
  • Insulating concrete forms
  • Acoustic and sound impact
  • Exterior insulation and finish systems

A structure insulated with Styrofoam will maintain an ideal temperature regardless of the weather conditions outside because the material limits thermal transfer.

Installation of Styrofoam Insulation

One of the leading benefits of Styrofoam insulation is its ease of installation. Styrofoam is available in the form of boards that are easy to cut and install where they are needed. To make on-site cutting fast and straightforward, some boards have shiplap edges that help to minimize wastage. The design of the Styrofoam also helps to enhance energy efficiency.

Why Choose Styrofoam Insulation

Styrofoam sheets commonly used for insulation are available in different sizes and shapes. During installation, the Styrofoam sheets are often overlapped with light-blocking material to prevent any damage that might result from exposure to sunlight. Some of the benefits you will reap from using Styrofoam insulation are:

  • Styrofoam has great thermal efficiency and R-value
  • The polystyrene foam material contained in Styrofoam makes it resistant to high heat
  • It’s resistant to moisture and water vapour
  • Styrofoam is versatile and can be used with different construction materials

Given the many benefits of Styrofoam, it’s not surprising that it’s a popular insulation material. If you seek the best Styrofoam insulation supplies Toronto, you can count on Bernardi Building Supply for exceptional products.