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Things You Should Expect From Your Building Material Supplier


Your materials supplier for your construction project determines, to a great deal, the success of the project. You need to be careful who you select to avoid delays, poor quality materials and unguaranteed items. A good supplier helps you reduce the amount of unexpected costs and inconveniences suffered. Here are five things you should always ensure your supplier can deliver on and the reason why the five things are important.

1. Great customer service

Great customer service starts at the very first point of inquiry about material availability and purchase. It however, does not stop there. You want the company to be fast in following up on subsequent enquiries and more importantly on responding to any arising problems. A material supplier with great customer service is out to reduce the burden on your side and will make good on any promise and seek fast action to resolve any problems that may arise.

2. Materials arrive in good condition

Working with a great materials supplier eliminates the need of having to check through all the items. This is because you are sure of their condition and can save crucial manpower on the exercise. However, when the material gets to the site in poor condition it means you have to work with poor material as you try to improvise. This will affect the final result while the other option is to return the material back to the supplier which costs you more in fees and workers downtime. Either option is costly and slows down your progress. A good supplier delivers material in good condition and provides a guarantee for that. Should an accident occur you are informed earlier and the supplier already has a solution.

3. Deliveries are on time

Getting the deliveries when you need them is important for the time you spend on the construction. It is also important in determining how efficient you carry out the operation. This means you need the supplier to bring the material not earlier than planned because you may have storage issues and even lack the manpower to handle it especially when you are using subcontractors for specific work. A late arrival holds up your progress and costs you lost hours you still have to pay for.

4. They consider weather elements during delivery

You want your supplier to consider aspects like snow and storms even drizzling rain when making the deliveries and during transportation. Proper care should be taken to ensure the materials will not be exposed to harsh weather during transit and at the delivery point which may harm their quality. Where needed freezing should be considered and proper arrangements made of which you should be informed much earlier.

5. Supplier provides equipment for handling material when unloading

You want a supplier who does not just deliver materials at the site on one corner and then leaves the unloading work and responsibility to you. A good supplier should find out the kind of project you are setting up and establish any assistance you may need in handling of the material including the equipment you may need. When this is supplied and the unloading a collaboration then you save time, prevent accidents and know the supplier cares about your project.