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What are Building Supplies and Tools Needed for a Drywall Project?

Getting the proper tools and supplies before you begin your drywall project is important. Having all the tools right up front will save you time and ensure the process of hanging drywall is successful. The last thing you want is to experience delays because you had to interrupt the project along the way. So if you’re looking for drywall tools, we’ve narrowed down below a few important ones you’ll need to get.

Utility Knife

This is a very basic yet important tool you need for any drywall installation project. You can’t just pick a knife in your kitchen and expect it to serve you when installing drywall. The utility knife has an exchangeable blade and makes your job much faster ensuring you get a smooth finish. You may also consider getting a few extra blades.

Drywall Knives

You will need a knife to spread the mud across the seams. We recommend getting a specially designed drywall knife. This type of knife is usually made of metal or plastic and is flat. There are different kinds of knives used in drywall installation. Each of them is designed to serve a unique purpose so ensure you find out before you purchase. You can choose to purchase a couple of drywall knives between 6 to 12 inches. Make sure you also get a corner knife. This will come in handy when you need to get to those hard to reach corners on your walls.

Tape Measure

You’ll need to get a tape measure for your drywall project. You can use any type of tape measure. But the best one is long enough, at least 12 feet, and also has a wide blade. If you are shopping for one, look for a tape measure that is designed for construction projects.

Drywall Square

You will need this for precision purposes. The drywall square can be used to make straight cuts in the drywall. You can also use this tool for measuring.

Mud Pan

You may decide to use a simple bucket at home to hold the drywall mud. However, you can also acquire a mud pan for holding the drywall mud since it allows you to move around with the product while undertaking the mudding or taping process. It helps you to keep all the mud intact in one place and to keep your site clean.

Sanding Blocks

Proper sanding is a must if you want to get the perfect finish. You will certainly need to buy sanding blocks which are available in varying grits. The type of grit you choose should depend on the kind of finish you intend to achieve. Make sure you get a sanding block that is designed for corners. A pole sander can also be an ideal tool especially if you want to get to the ceiling and other above-ground locations. A pole sander can make your job way easier.

Don’t forget to buy protective tools such as a dust mask that will protect you from fine dust throughout the drywall process.