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What is Isogenopak and How is it Used?


Having proper insulation on your pipes is always important. For a start, insulation can help to prevent corrosion making sure the pipes last for as long as possible. The other advantage of insulation on your pipes is that it enhances safety by preventing injuries which could occur when temperatures are extremely high and someone gets into contact with the surface of the pipe. Isogenopak is an innovative insulation method used to offer extra protection.

Isogenopak for superior protection

Isogenopak is a special PVC film that is used for jacketing insulated pipes. It’s one of the materials used today for the quick and easy covering of pipes. This form of insulation contains special characteristics that you’ll not find in the older form of insulation. It is mostly recommended in pipes that are prone to moisture damage, chemical spills and corrosion. The PVC film is usually sold in a long ringlet that can be easily wrapped around pipes. This makes it easy to install and guarantees total protection.

The chemical properties of Isogenopak

Isogenopak contains unique chemical properties that make it resist chemicals such as acids, salts, oil and corrosive atmospheres. This form of protection is ideal for pipes that are situated in corrosive atmospheres. If your pipes are not adequately protected, you can spend thousands of dollars fixing the damage or trying to alter the atmosphere.
Isogenopak presents a more affordable solution to dealing with these issues due to its chemical properties. The PVC film cannot corrode so you are sure that your pipes are completely protected when the atmosphere changes. For instance, if you have pipes in damp areas, there’s a high risk of corrosion. This form of protection ensures that water vapor doesn’t find its way into the pipes and cause corrosion. That’s why it’s always considered a great investment.

Physical properties of Isogenopak

Isogenopak is such a durable insulating film that can resist tear. It is also able to withstand a wide range of temperature changes. Once the PVC film is applied to the pipes, it can withstand temperatures from as low as -20°C to as high as 65° C. That’s why the product is used universally in industrial environments.

Ease of installation

One of the main reasons why Isogenopak is a preferred form of protection for pipes is that it offers a hassle-free installation. It comes as a PVC film roll so you can simply unroll it and then roll it around the pipes. The installation can be done by local technicians at a low-cost fee given that it’s a simple and quick process.

Why pipe insulation is not always enough

Insulating your pipes is always a worthwhile investment. For a start, it prevents the pipes from freezing when the temperatures are extremely low. It also protects the pipe from extensive damage. However, sometimes insulation is not enough. In environments such as corrosive atmospheres, your pipes will need additional protection to prevent moisture from soaking through and causing damage. Isogenopak offers this and so much more.