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Wire Mesh



Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is a product that is widely used both in homes and commercially. It is low cost and effective for use in different applications. There are different opening sizes to suit every job. It is also easy to install and thus offers a quick solution to many problems. Wire mesh is also lightweight. However, those that are made from thicker materials tend to be heavier. Some common types include:

Woven wire mesh: It is often called wire cloth. It has very small openings making it suitable for pest control. It can also be used for doors and windows.

Knit wire: Knit wire is mostly used to create a barrier for livestock.

Welded wire mesh: This one is used for heavy duty jobs such as creating barriers for security.

Vinyl coated: This is wire mesh that is coated with polyester or PVC after welding. Vinyl coated mesh is usually available in green and black colors. Black is invisible and blends well with the background. Vinyl coated materials are advantageous because the sealing prevents corrosion and rust. The sealing also improves the aesthetic appeal.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, rust and extreme weather conditions. They have an extended life and are preferred for fencing in coastal areas.

The choice of wire mesh will depend on:

  • The application
  • Expected aesthetic appeal
  • The cost: Cost will vary depending on the design, type and thickness.
  • The environmental conditions of the area where it will be used