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Can Spray Foam Stop Foundation and Basement Leaks?

Did you know that rainfall totals are increasing across the U.S? One thing that comes with this rise in precipitation is flooding in the basement and foundation. Yes, leakage is a common feature especially during spring showers and in aging concrete basements.

So, how does rainfall lead to flooding in the basement?  When it pours heavily, the water levels in rivers, lakes, and even swimming pools rise, leading to a lot of seepage into the ground. It’s this groundwater that will eventually start to leak into your basement.

Now, many homeowners believe that they can employ closed cell spray foam for their foundation and basement leak repairs. Unfortunately, this move isn’t ideal because spray foam will lead to bigger problems.

Here’s everything you need to know about using spray foam for foundation and basement repairs:

Why you shouldn’t use spray foam to fix basement and foundation leaks

In as much as there are many people who advocate for spray foam as a means of keeping water out, it is merely a quick fix that doesn’t solve the underlying problem. As you know, water passes through your foundation and into the basement through cracks. When you use closed cell spray foam it seals these cracks and water begins to pool in that area. Eventually, the water will find another route into your basement by creating more cracks. Therefore, using spray foam for basement and foundation leaks will cause the problem to keep recurring. What’s more, the pooling of water behind the foam can lead to issues like wood rot and foundation failure. To enumerate, when water fills the corners and edges of your foundation, it begins to shift, unsettle, and crack the structure since the ground is no longer solid enough.

Bottom line? Spray foam can’t fix foundation and basement leaks.

What you can use instead

There are many ways to fix the leakage in your foundation and basement. It all depends on your home’s needs. Often confused with spray foam, expanding polyurethane foam is one of the most common products used for these kinds of repairs. The foam expands into the cracks, completely filling the spaces. Without a doubt, this is one of the best ways to prevent future leaks. The best part is that you don’t need any drills or chisels because expanding foam can bond to any kind of surface.

Crack sealants are other products you can use to fix foundation and basement leaks. Many repair companies administer these sealants using high-pressure injection systems. Alternatively, you can employ total encapsulation to conclusively fix as well as prevent water leakage issues. It involves covering the entire floor with a water vapour barrier and a humidifier. The barrier gets sealed using a double-sided sealing tape.

All in all, it’s better to call in a professional contractor instead of undertaking DIY basement and foundation leak repairs. This way, you’re guaranteed that the job done will be well done.

Use spray foam appropriately

Spray foam is an excellent product only when it comes to insulating your ceilings and walls.

This is what many people use to improve the acoustic levels in their homes. For worthwhile spray foam products, ensure to visit Bernardi Building Supplies