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Different Types of Landscaping Rockery for your Garden

Landscaping rocks serve many roles in the garden. You can use them in river beds, for pond edging or as garden borders and rock gardens. Whatever the reason, there are sure to bring vibrancy and life to your garden. If you’re finding it difficult to create beauty and interest in those hard-to-use areas of your backyard, consider using some of these rocks.

1. Mexican Beach Bebbles

Just as you guessed it, these small, round stones originate from Mexico. They’re soft and gray in color and will look stunning about anywhere you use them. In most situations, people place them at the bottom of their garden river beds. Sometimes they use them as decorative garden stones.

2. Mossy Rock

Want to give your garden a natural, old look? Well, these stones will give you just that. These limestone borders together with some plush moss look outstanding. You can obtain them in various sizes.

3. Petrified Wood

Though a rock, petrified wood has a texture that resembles that of the original wood. This can be attributed to the fact that it’s a fossilized organic matter. There is a variety of petrified wood to choose from including rustic red and dark black pieces.

4. Granite Boulders

Compared to the kitchen’s granite, granite used in the gardens lasts longer and is much rougher. These large boulders will best suit wild garden spaces or ponds.

5. Lace Rock

Lace rock is a naturally occurring volcanic rock which has small holes on it. You’ve most probably seen it being used in the pet stores. Other people also use it in ponds or as centerpieces in their rock gardens.

6. Decomposed Granite

If you want to add a soft, rustic look to your garden, decomposed granite is the best affordable alternative you have. In its normal form, it usually has a reddish tan color and a sandy texture. You can place these rocks around trees or you could use them as ground cover and in garden trails.

7. Lava Rock

This is another volcanic stone that has bold and bright colors. They’re super light, making them easy to carry around and to spread on the garden.  These rocks also blend with whatever landscape design you choose to have for your yard.

For those who live in drier regions, lava rocks could benefit you a lot. Since they absorb heat during the day and the release it during the night, they can make your garden very comfortable during nighttime. The only downside to them is that they are a bit pricey.

8. Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a pea-sized stone that usually comes in ¼ inch or 1/8 inch in size. It mostly ranges from brown to white to tan.  Most people prefer to use it to cover driveways or to fill up spaces between stone pavers reason being they serve as good weed barriers and don’t compose fast like mulch does.

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