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How to Find Quality Ready Mix Concrete

Finding the perfect mix for each job requires proper communication with your supplier and some basic knowledge. Begin by identifying a reliable supplier that you can work with to provide an adequate supply of ready-mix concrete as and when required.

It’s also important to determine what you need the mix to do. Communicate these performance requirements to your supplier to ensure you are on the same page. The only way the supplier will deliver a mix that achieves the desired results is if they clearly understand your needs.

What does your supplier need to know?


You need to communicate the type of project that the mixed concrete will be used for. For instance, if the mix is to be placed on a stamped concrete project it requires a longer setting time to allow stamping to be done. You’ll also need to communicate to the supplier regarding the service conditions and potential exposure of the concrete mix so he can recommend a mix that is strong enough for your application and even advise on admixtures that you can use to enhance its performance.

Some suppliers will even go the extra mile to design a tailored solution for your project. They do this by reinforcing the mix with fiber, integral colors, set accelerators or corrosion inhibitors. Concrete can be engineered today to suit diverse needs.

Leave the proportioning to experts

While it’s important to understand basic mix design, the exact proportioning should be left to experts. Reputable suppliers can hardly get the proportionate wrong. Even when they do, you’re able to troubleshoot the problem if you have a basic understanding of the mix. Should you feel that the mix doesn’t meet your needs, communicate to the supplier who should be willing to modify it. These slight modifications can impact concrete performance significantly.

How much concrete will you need?


Even after you’ve determined the best mix for your application, you still need to order the right amount of concrete mix. When you buy too much, you’ll end up wasting money plus the extra headache of finding an eco-friendly way of disposing of the excess mix. If you buy too little, your project may come to a standstill as you place an emergency order and wait for it to be delivered. A general recommendation is to take 4 to 10% more than the estimated to give room for possible errors or spillage. The mix is usually sold by the yard so you need to find out how much concrete you will need for the slabs. Your concrete mix supplier can help you calculate just how much you need.

It makes sense to choose a local supplier especially if you’re trying to save on costs of transportation to the work site. There’s also the risk of arriving late so make sure you choose a truck that doesn’t have to travel a long distance. If you have to go with a supplier outside town then schedule for deliveries outside rush hours.