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Commercial Construction Building Supplies Mississauga

The Best Products And Quality in Building Supplies

With a genuine desire to assist our clients to find the right products for their construction goals, Bernardi Building Supply offers a wide selection of construction materials and tools from top manufacturers. Our company has been in the business for 40 years so it’s safe to say we understand your commercial construction needs and we’re fully capable to meet them.

As a leading provider of commercial building supplies Mississauga, we promise unmatched customer service and quality in every product. Whether you’re in search for quality supplies for your next office renovation at a competitive price or simply need advice, consider us your best partners for the next commercial construction project.

Metal framing

We are your one-stop shop for metal framing products. Whether you need steel framing components and accessories for your commercial project or simply metal studs, metal draining and other building products, we’re here to offer you quality supplies from top manufacturers.

Drywall products

Hanging drywall in a commercial building is easy if you have the right tools and a skilled person to help. We offer a wide range of drywall products including mold resistant board products manufactured by world-renowned brands such as National Gypsum and USG. We have the most comprehensive drywall products to suit your needs.


Need quality trims and molding products? We’ve got you. We stock a variety of exterior building solutions for commercial projects. We have configurable trims for industrial applications as well as plastic mold products from well-known brands.


We have an insulation solution for every space in your commercial property and for every budget. From acoustic panels to attic insulation, fiberglass and spray foam installation, we’re here to help you determine which product will suit your needs best.


We source weatherization products for commercial contractors with ease and flexibility. If your goal is to save on energy costs, source weatherization products from trusted brands at Bernardi Building Supply.

Acoustic ceilings and Acoustical products

Our collection of acoustic solutions guarantees high-quality performance. Whether you need decorative products for sound absorption or noise control applications, we’re here to provide some of the most innovative and affordable solutions in the market.


If you have a lumber project and need tools, materials or other supplies, you can find a wide variety at our store. We stock fencing, plywood, molding and lumber boards to suit different commercial applications. We’re here to fulfill all your building material and construction needs.

Interior and exterior finishes

Need interior and exterior wood, fiberglass or vinyl windows and doors? We’re here to provide you with specialty products right for your job. Whether you need natural wood finishes, treated or untreated wood, we’re here to provide all options.

Fasteners and sealers

Choose from our collection of copper gutters, gutter parts, miters, downspouts, eave boxes among other accessories. We provide quality building supplies and a wide range of fasteners and sealants to suit your needs.

Building tools

If you need any kind of building tools, power tools or handy equipment for your commercial project, we stock a wide variety for you to choose from.